Cochlear implant systems in the US are manufactured by three companies: 

  • Advanced Bionics
  • Cochlear Americas
  • MED-EL Corporation 

M-CICE clinicians are experienced in working with devices from all three companies, allowing our patients to select the system that best addresses their hearing and lifestyle needs. Our experts will help guide the decision through education and discussion with the patient and their family, comparing the devices and their accessories to find the best option for each individual user. 

With proper guidance, patients have positive outcomes with the system they select. Our providers stay up-to-date on the latest technology, to give patients' the best advice. Along with the implant system, there are a variety of accessories offered to facilitate communication in challenging situations (such as remote microphones and cell phone Bluetooth transmitters), and our audiologists provide orientation and training on the use of such accessories.

Most patients who receive a cochlear implant continue wearing a hearing aid in the opposite ear (called "bimodal" listening) for a period of time. The MCICE audiologists guide patients in selecting a hearing aid that is complementary to their CI system to maximize hearing performance in everyday life. Our audiologists are able to program and fit a hearing aid to work in conjunction with the implant, so patients do not have to seek these services from an outside provider.


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