Client Fitting

Clinical Services for Cochlear Implants

The MCICE provides comprehensive clinical services for individuals of all ages who are considering, or have received, a cochlear implant.

Hearing Screening

Hearing Rehabilitative Technology

From cochlear implant systems and accessories to hearing aids and assistive technology, our team of experts is well versed in putting state-of-the-art rehabilitative technology to work

Dr. Nguyen with a client

Post-implantation (Re)Habilitation Services

An important factor for success with a cochlear implant is rehabilitative training following device activation/fitting. Unlike many CI programs, MCICE provides individualized rehab plans for all patients.

MCICE Summer Camp

Children's Clinical Services and Camps

MCICE provides comprehensive clinical services for children with a cochlear implant.  The FDA has approved the use of cochlear implants in children as young as 12 months of age, and those who receive an implant typically show much better language outcomes than unimplanted peers.  But for the best resu